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Programs & Services

Youth  Programming/Services

Adult Health and Education Programming

Youth Outreach Services promotes the strengths and abilities of youth by providing community-based programs and services that reflect the needs of our families to empower and enrich their lives. 

The Little Pantry

LHW works to address food insecurity within the Ansonia community. The LHW Little Pantry was created to provide those in the Ansonia community who don't have access to healthy and nutritious food the ability to acquire necessary nourishment through food—with a combination of giving away food through the pantry, working in collaboration with Connecticut FoodShare and The LHW Community Garden, our organization gives away several pounds of food to the masses each year.

Adult Outreach Services Provide lifelong educational opportunities and services which address the unique needs of individuals in the community through health, education, and collaborative awareness to navigate life effectively.

This program offers workshops and classes to help individuals, families and the community make informed choices; offering workshops and topics such as cancer awareness, CPR, educational outreach, diabetes, housing, nutrition, safety and injury prevention, stress management and more.

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